We, Marina Lvovna and Vladimir Vasilievich, are the owners of a monobreed cattery of Maine Coon "Maritaicor fortuna" cats. The nursery is located in the Yaroslavl region on the territory bordering the reserve. Our cattery was registered in the WCF system in February 2018, in 2017 we received the FELINE BREEDER diploma, in February 2018 we completed the courses "Veterinary Medicine for Breeders".
We are members of the Alisa Best club in Yaroslavl.
Our goal is to create a healthy and beautiful cat that meets the breed standard and is human-centered. Our cats live with us in a private house, they have separate rooms, but they are also not prohibited from walking around the house.
Pedigree male of the kennel "Maritaicor fortuna" Gr.In.Ch. Korsak ds 23 (red silver), HCM N / N, SMA N / N, PKdef N / N. Born on December 10, 2015. At exhibitions he was repeatedly nominated (Nom Bis) for Best  (WCF-ring Adult 1 , WCF -ring Adult 5), began his breeding activity in August 2017 and bred exclusively with cats from the Alisa Best cattery in Yaroslavl, the Glamor Giants cattery of the Augustin club in Kostroma. , and the nursery "Grandami kun" in Yaroslavl, with which we are linked by a long and fruitful cooperation.
The kittens found their families in catteries in Russia, Estonia, USA, Sweden, Austria, and also left as loved ones to families in the cities of Russia.
Kittens leave the cattery no earlier than 4 months, twice vaccinated, with treatment for helminths, with a veterinary passport and an agreement on the transfer of ownership of the animal.
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